I played trombone in my early years, learning music from my father, who was a music teacher and played trombone in the Quad City Symphony.  In high school I found myself drawn to voice.  I  received a music education degree in voice at Illinois State University, and studied voice with James Parks.  But although my career as a computer programmer took me down a different path, music has always remained important.

As with most kids growing up in the 60s, I was also drawn to guitar and am largely self-taught.  Along the way I received classical guitar training with Scott Kritzer.  I have spent much of my musical life playing and composing for classical guitar.

I have received no formal training as a composer.  In recent years, I have been exploring the color and expression of other instruments.  I am a long-standing member of Portland Guitar Society, regularly involved in Portland Classical Revolution, and am a member of Cascadia Composer Association.

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