Classical Revolution Anthem

The challenge from Christopher Corbell was “Can you write pieces that are interesting/expressive and also fairly easy for good players to read through?”.  I’ve been pretty busy lately but I had some ideas.  I had wanted to create a fun piece for vocalists and instrumentalist, with lyrics about the Classical Revolution PDX.  So the lyrics are drawn and inspired from the Classical Revolution manifesto.  I spent some of Saturday, Sunday, and Monday writing this.Classical Revolution Anthem

Live recording, first read through, at Classical Revolution PDX Sunday, 7/7/2013.Classical Revolution Anthem Live 20130707

You Asked Me For a Poem That First Day

This piece sets to music the poetry of Flora Sussely. You Asked Me For a Poem That First Day is the first poem from her book of poetry entitled Hard Drive. It was published in 2010 and is used here with her permission.

The music was composed in about two weeks, completed on 11/18/2012. Although I had recently conceived of the idea of trying to set some of Flora’s poetry to music just weeks before, I had not imagined using organ with it. Organ is a new instrument for me, but the color of the flute stops opened up possibilities I hadn’t imagined.

The poem, which the music tries to harmonize with, paints feelings using colors of blue and pink, combined with imagines from her life. There are suggestions of warm bodies, cool thoughts, illusions of texture and moods. There are ideas of contrast, of differences in the color, in the feelings, and the ideas they represent.


Score:You Asked Me For a Poem That First Day

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