Brass Ensemble

Brass Quartet 2 with Snare

Most of the music is this piece is inspired by the opening four measure melody in the trumpet.  The melody is restated, transformed, and referred to in excerpts.  The intervals and rhythms evolve from the beginning until the end.  There are contrasting sections offering different moods or feeling, accomplished through changing harmonic and rhythmic settings.Brass Quartet 2 with Snare

Brass Quartet 1

This music was composed for guitar and later altered and transcribe for brass quartet. It was composed in preparation for the 2013 Cascadia Composers October concert. It has a traditional tonal setting and fanfares. I tried to weave the voicing equally between the instruments; trumpet, horn, trombone, and tuba.Brass Quartet 1

Live Recording – Brass Quartet 1

Woodwind Ensemble

Sorrow, Anger, and Despair

I wanted to create something that expresses the deep, sad feelings I have experience over my life. It is not an attempt to focus on any one event, but the impact of looking at all of them, the spiral of reviewing one after the other, until it becomes an overwhelming powerful storm of depression.

This music was composed for guitar and later altered and transcribe for wind quintet; flute – Celine Thackston, oboe – Robert Bruce, clarinet – John Donnelly, horn – Justin Fletcher, bassoon – Joel Kleinbaum.Sorrow, Anger, and Despair

My Friends

My Friends is freely composed, but repeatedly returns to the original theme. Originally composed for flute, clarinet, horn, and cello, the cello part has been changed to bassoon. The volume of the cello could not keep up with the other instruments.My Friends


Here is version for flute, oboe, clarinet, and bassoon.

Our Conversation

Our Conversation is a duet composed for Madera Dulce, Bronwyn on bass clarinet, and soprano clarinets, and Derek on 6-string contrabass guitar.Our Conversation



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