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Prayer of Faith

I just completed a revision of Prayer of Faith, for piano, violin, and cello.  Have a listen

. The PDFs are on the Strings page, at the bottom.

I have realized for some time that the previous version was too dense.  I took the time during the holidays to work through it, trimming, pruning, and generally cleaning it up.

I have ideas of adding a 2nd and 3rd movement in the future.

New Live Recording of Brass Quartet 1

The recording of my recent composition, Brass Quartet 1, has been posted on youTube:

Brass Quartet 1

This is a live recording of a October 18th Cascadia Composers concert.  The performers are members of the Oregon Brass Quintet, and are on the faculty of University of Oregon.  They performed wonderfully.

The written music is located on the Winds page.

Brass Quartet 1

I just received word that one of my compositions was selected for the Cascadia Composers concert at Colonial Heights Presbyterian on Friday, October 18th.  I am looking forward to working with the performers; how they interpret the music, how they breathe life into what is written, how their collective personalities come through the music.  Brass Quartet 1 can be found on the Winds page.

Brass Quartet 2 with Snare

I just finished a new composition called Brass Quartet 2 with Snare, it’s located on the Winds page.  The instrumentation is trumpet, horn, trombone, tuba, and snare drum.

Becky listened to my first draft and commented on the darkness.  So I set about to brighten it up.  I think in the end she was happy with it.  The music has its serious parts, but there is also some light-hearted sections with some fun in it.

Although the process of creating new music can sometimes be a slow, wrenching process, at other times it can go quickly and in directions I had not foreseen.  Sometimes I don’t know where the music comes from, but it is usually surprising and rewarding in the end.

Classical Revolution Anthem

Classical Revolution Anthem

The challenge from Christopher Corbell was “Can you write pieces that are interesting/expressive and also fairly easy for good players to read through?”.  I’ve been pretty busy lately but I had some ideas.  I had wanted to create a fun piece for vocalists and instrumentalist, with lyrics about the Classical Revolution PDX.  So the lyrics are drawn and inspired from the Classical Revolution manifesto.  I spent some of Saturday, Sunday, and Monday writing this.

Creating this website

This web site features my music compositions, available as a combination of PDFs and sounds files.  It will be a place where interested musicians can come to retrieve the music for print or for listening.

I hope you find the music interesting, let me know how you feel. And let me know if you are interested in performing existing pieces, or if you would be interested in the creation of something new.  Collaborating on ideas and sounds with performing artists is something I want to explore more of.

I have added all of my existing compositions to pages in chronological order, the earliest at the bottom.